About/Important Info

Hello! I am just a student who loves reading novels and especially danmei (Chinese term for BL). I love cute animals like kitties and chinchillas and I also like to draw (very badly). Currently, I am translating for a few reasons: I want to give back to the danmei community, better my Chinese literacy, and I also hope to spread the love of Chinese novels by translating them into English so that more people can enjoy them!

I use a combo of listening to Text-to-Speech + MTL + some Chinese knowledge when MTL screws up + some reading characters + dictionary to translate! I’m a mess XD

Disclaimers: My translations are not 100% accurate and I will most likely butcher super idiomatic passages. I value overall meaning over getting it super accurate or literal but confusing.

I don’t own ANY of the novels I translate (I will always link to the raws or where the original author posts their work). Please support the author by purchasing chapters if you are able to.

Please DO NOT REPOST any of my translations on other websites!

I do appreciate donations to pay for raw chapters and tea to keep me going during late nights of tling or studying! If you can help out, that would be awesome!

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

Regarding update schedules: I will do my best to keep up a regular update schedule but I am still a student, meaning my life will be pretty busy throughout the year.

Current Schedule:

BYBOTE – Mondays

BABHFD – Fridays

Others – when I can

Regarding retranslations: Please contact me through the contact form if you would like to use my translations to translate into another language; I usually just want to make sure no one else is already retranslating into the same language. I also request that you link to wherever the author posts so people can support them and also link to my site. I like to post retranslation links on my site so people can access them if they wish to, so if you could send me the link where you’re posting that’d be nice too :3

Since my translations are definitely not 100% accurate, do keep in mind that meanings can get lost in translation and even more so in retranslation.