TWF: Chapter 6

Hi guys!!! I found my laptop :DDDD I wasn't able to get this to Ahzinal my lovely editor in time so I did a quick edit myself. If you see any errors please let me know and I'll fix them~~ Sorry I'm a day late! TWF should update on Wednesdays from now on :> This… Continue reading TWF: Chapter 6


BABHFD: 17.2

17.2 Soooooooo a certain dumdum misplaced her laptop somewhere(?) and now I have no idea where it is... Hopefully no one took it and I will find it soon ;-; This shouldn't affect the scheduled releases of BYBOTE and BABHFD since I have chapters translated ahead of time, but since I haven't quite stockpiled TWF… Continue reading BABHFD: 17.2


im not crying you are

for anyone who wants to cry like i did: Gaze Upon the Scenes of Debauchery [BE] [No Subs but explanation in Description Box and Comments] The Ambiguous Focus [English Subs] [To Pay Respects to the Heavens and Earth (BE) No Subs] [Song Written for Radio Drama] Something Happy to Help Stop Hysterically… Continue reading im not crying you are